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Great Teams Change The World

February 19, 2015

Great teams think less about the competition and more about what’s possible with the talent and resources siting at the table and available through their network of friends and fans.

Great teams come to the table with courage, confidence and enthusiasm.

Great teams say things like “Let’s do this because it’s possible and it will change the world!” (And great leaders reply simply, “yes.”)

In my company, we are big fans of Little Bets (thanks Peter Sims!). That means that we are willing to try big ideas on a small scale and to explore ideas that can be done with the incredible talents and resources immediately available to us. Little Bets are easy to say yes to. We create these opportunities with big upside and little downside. They give team members a voice, ownership and the opportunity to stretch their wings. And if they don’t work, it’s no big loss, it was a little bet and we just move on to the next one. And if it does work, well, then we’re one step closer to changing the world.

Great teams change the world.

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