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Passion To Action

August 1, 2010

Those who are consumed by desire have an advantage. In business, in life, in love, in sports. It’s the story of David and Goliath, Goran Inavanisevic at Wimbledon 2001 and perhaps you. Of course, passion alone isn’t enough. Lots of people and organizations have a strong desire to change the world, a mission to achieve greatness, a vision for revolutionizing their industry. Few do it. Because the wanting comes easy, the doing is tough, not to mention boring, expensive and fraught with disappointment and often failure. Almost every triathlete I know, for example, has the desire to be an Ironman. Few do it. Why? Because it’s hard, tedious, exhausting, grueling and painful. Really painful. Just like running a successful business. But that’s what makes true success stories so inspiring. Because those who actually have the desire and the drive to achieve greatness are rare, special and deserving of our awe. So, make your brand about passion. Write a vision statement that is truly visionary. But don’t stop there. Put your brain where your heart is and convert that passion into action. Create a plan, stick to that plan, amass the resources, do your homework, and don’t stop when it seems impossible and the finish line looks light years away. That’s what makes it all worthwhile. That’s what winners do.

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