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Success Begets Negativity. But I Don’t Care.

July 27, 2010

I’m an optimist. I believe that if you open yourself up to opportunity, you’re bound to find greatness. If it’s not the law of the universe, it’s at least the law of averages, right? But I also know that as you achieve success, you’re bound to bump into negativity. Unfortunately, your accomplishments may be perceived as a threat to others—your competitors, your co-workers. When you work on bigger contracts or with bigger organizations, it will also take more work, bureaucracy or red tape to reach your goals. And the more you seek, the more you’ll hear the word, “no.” Plus, as the stakes get higher, you’re going to have to fight the fear of others—fear of risks, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of responsibility. But rough roads lead to good places. In fact, they usually take you to the best places. So don’t let the possibility of negativity scare you away from aiming high or striving for greatness, in fact, just the opposite. Don’t be deterred. Accept the challenge. It’s overcoming obstacles like these that make the reward of success and achievement that much sweeter. And here’s a little hint, when you know that there’s a good possibility of finding a hurdle or obstacle in your path, it seems far less formidable when you come upon it.

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